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    InsiderHosting Opinions?

    Ok, I know the forum gets alot of those "hey I need an opinion about this host" type of questions. I apologize for adding another such post onto the stack.

    I have been doing some research into (searching forum, reading up on them), and was looking for any current opinions on them? For those who have used their services, please post a rough estimate as to how long you have hosted with them.

    Any specific information on the following would be appreciated:
    - Support
    - Reliability
    - Account stability
    - Good billing practices
    - mySQL stability/uptime

    Thanks for the help.

    - Jason.

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    Hi Jason,

    I am not hosted with Insiderhosting and have been researching them myself. I found out about them through posts by "Gadget Girl" on this thread...

    If you havn't already found this thread, that may help

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    Yes, I have read through her thread. It seems (at that time) that she was very please with the service level of InsiderHosting.

    I saw your post yesterday, I guess we are both researching them I was hoping to hear comments from anyone else who had used them.

    Thanks for passing the link my direction.

    - Jason.

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    Thumbs up Great Job


    I was looking from my first reseller account for several days.

    After many offers i purchased from Insiderhosting

    I am new to reselling -but not to the web host seek - and i am impresed with their professionalism.

    i believe ( and i believe the most people here do) that it is very important to have a support team like this company has .

    I am novice in reselling and they helped me very much.

    i found valuable help in , Web Host Cp , NameServers info and how to do things , and to be honest i didnt do anything ,they made all the arrangments needed so i am now able to provide to my clients reliable services....
    and notice that this was done within minimum time ..)

    ALso the connection speed , ftp speed is amazing allthough my location is Greece/Europe

    MySql is very stable too .)

    Biiling services : fast and reliable

    I am so glad that i am currently leaving my till now hosting company and also moving my personal pages with insiderhosting.

    InsiderHosting -->> Keep up the good work .it is valuable for us guys)


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    I'm not hosted at Insiderhosting but this infomation may be of some use:

    I talked to their, what I think was the owner. Nice person. He was helpful and explained the different cycles of InsiderHosting.

    I remember, at the time when he explained some of the info on ther servers they used I was impressed, but I can;t possibly remember what they where.

    There hosting packages seem very reasonable enough and I have thought before about purchasing from them.

    They also do not overload their servers. *(I think thats the word, I can't think right now)

    The only problem I would have with them, is that their servers don't support vbulletin or ikonboard. I think there was a few other boards but I can't remember.

    Overall I would probably give them the thumbs up.

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    Originally posted by Axel Teflon
    The only problem I would have with them, is that their servers don't support vbulletin or ikonboard. I think there was a few other boards but I can't remember.

    Overall I would probably give them the thumbs up.
    Just a little clarification, we don't allow cgi/perl based boards like ubb, ikonboard, yabb (cgi version) and others. We love vbulletin, phpbb on our servers as we allow php/mysql based bulletin boards. They just don't have a tendancy to use as much of the servers resources as the cgi based boards.

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    Well...after emailing Steven @ insiderhosting I have decided to move my account and start my new sites in planning with them.

    Steven answered my emails in a very friendly and professional manner and I got a really good feel for the company.

    Keep up the good work


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