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    Thumbs up [Review] SkyNetHosting - 1 Month


    I saw their message on advertisment section and try them. My package is VIP plan.

    First of all i open my new site with them. When i learn they are giving 10 seperate cpanel acconuts i move one of my sites to them.

    My 2 web sites are big and important sites. But i can surely confirm that their servers are not heavyly loaded and very stable because my visitors are very happy with the performances of the sites.

    I have 2 support issues and open support tickets. Here is the details:

    Me: Posted on 22 Sep 2006 04:37 PM
    SkyNet: Posted on 22 Sep 2006 05:52 PM

    Other one:

    Me: Posted on 13 Sep 2006 04:09 PM
    SkyNet: Posted on 13 Sep 2006 04:22 PM

    I think they are fast enough And they can understand my tickets and replies are clear.

    Servers are dual xeon so their cpu share is very good. My sites are working with no errors.

    They have a good and active support forum. And they are support site is also Kayoke which is excellent.

    The only bad thing i think, they are not accepting paypal and they are using 2co and i dont like the interface of 2co. For example today i must renew my order and my credit card denied and i try to update my card details and put a different card but i am not sure i can achive this I think they need to buy a billing system which is user friend and working with paypal and 2co.

    No downtime no problem on servers about 1 month

    I will update my message after 2 months

    Now i can recommend them to you.
    Kind regards

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    Thank you for review.. Please keep us updated.
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    Hey CyberTurk,

    Good review! Nice to hear some good things. Normally all we get to hear is the bad. Hope it continues this way for you!
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    Great to hear a positive, hopefully in months it will stay that way
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    Great review. Like said above - it is great to hear a positive amongst the negatives.

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