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    dto5hosting connect to mysql

    I can't connect to mysql with dot5hosting. I can't connect using "localhost"... Is somebody here using dot5hosting to help me...

    And what do you think about that hosting? any bad experienses?

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    Have you tried contacting Dot5 about this? I am sure they will be able to offer you definitive help - better than anyone else here may be able to offer.
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    If you can't get help from dot5, then please tell us what error message are you getting.
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    Yes, but I am still waiting for answer, so I aslo asked the same question here.

    I think that "localhost" is ok...

    But, is it domain name related to mysql connection. I didn't changed my nameservers until site is working, so the visitor can tell the difference and I wold not losing traffic...

    Is web site going to work when the nameservers are changed to dot5 hosting?

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    This is purely dependant on how your code is written and/or how you're trying to connect. It may be an issue with not allowing remote connections.

    This is definitely a dot5 tech support question.

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