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    Cpanel Backup (Overwrite?)

    Hey all.

    Quick question here.. Let's say on server 1 (Cpanel system), I have a main domain x, and addon domains y and z. I make a backup of that account.

    On server 2(Cpanel too), I have an addon domain called a..

    If I restore the backup from server 1, onto server 2.. Will it delete the addon domain a? Domain a does not exist on server 1, and will not be a part of the backup being restored. Would it remove the files and the mail accounts?


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    I haven't really tried this but you have to make it clear if what you are restoring is domain x over domain a or domains y or z over domain a?

    You said "If I restore a backup" which is singular, which of those domain backups in server 1 are you trying to restore in server 2?

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    If you are trying a full backup and the cPanel usernames clash, then the restore overwrites the old account.

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