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    Thumbs up OpenDNS _ Providing A Safer And Faster DNS

    What is OpenDNS?

    OpenDNS provides a safer, faster, more reliable and smarter DNS service free to any Internet user.

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    OpenDNS intercepts phishing attempts. OpenDNS customers will be warned if they attempt to visit a phishing site.
    This moves out of the realm of "dns" and into the realm of snooping. I, personally wouldn't trust anyone who wouldn't reveal public information with my browsing history (or future). If you REALLY want to be warned about phishing sites and the like, well, use a decent browser, such as IE7 or Firefox (with the proper plugins).

    Here's a few problems with this "service".
    What if they decide something is too "phishy" for clients? They can easily null the domain name (ie: set it to point to something THEY control). As long as you're using THEIR dns for your pc, you run this risk. Are you willing to run that? I'm not.

    They're virtually "unknown":
    This is my biggest concern here. Yes, the founder started everydns, wow. That's not saying he's trustworthy enough to examine every bit of my browsing history here, and it's CERTAINLY not saying he's going to not "intercept" stuff that he determines is phishy.

    I'm not saying that it doesn't have potential, but , for now, it's a virtual unknown company that has basically said "here, let us handle your dns, and we'll warn you if it's Phishy". That's just not good, any way you look at it.
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