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Thread: Amazing Race 10

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    Amazing Race 10

    After not having seen it since the terrible Family Edition, I got back into my former favorite family show. It's not as interesting as it once was... I think that the constant GSN reruns may have been a bad idea and caused part of that interest to be lost by the main fan base....but it's still a fun show, and way better than Survivor.

    One thing I noticed about one of the teams....The lady with the false leg. How does she stay blanaced on that thing? From what it looks like, the lower portion bends, and is thin as a paint stirring stick, and dosn't look stable enough to walk on at all....

    Heh, I also thought my gaydar was going off with her partner, because his voice lapsed into the stereo typical comedian gay voice from time to time, and if I'm right, couldn't help but laugh when she thought there might be a romantic relationship there.

    OTher than that, none of the teams really stand out that much. They all seem to blend together with previous races. There's the two brothers wich are an awful lot like the lawyers of the first season...there's the gay team, there's the 'dumb' blond/ token cleavage shot team... The only ones I started to root for where the Chinese team that seemed to be having the most fun. Oh, and the couple with the southern accent started to get on my nerves toward the end .

    What do you think of season 10?
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    Well, after only one show, I was pretty happy with it. I like the models/recovering drug addict guys. They seem like they are having a lot of fun and believe that the race is a piece of cake compared to going to rehab. And they came in first and got $20K, not too shabby.

    Meet the teams here:

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