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    Statistics software - Suggest plz

    Hi all,
    I've been looking around for a web-statistics solution,but I haven't found anything that fits my needs,and that's driving me crazy.

    I need 3 key-features:

    1)Easy installation(through ftp)
    2)Easy-to-use admin interface(I don't want to search hours for basic things)
    3)REAL in-depth analytics(record ALL refferers,all visitors/ip/browser,real-time update,etc.)

    Could you throw some suggestions?Perhaps mention what software you are using..

    Thanks in advance.

    PS.I'm already getting statistics through webalizer,but I'm not satisfied with it.
    PS2.I'm not sure if this is the right section to post,if not,please move this.thx

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    Linux or WIndows? Do third party applications apply?
    Host, YES!
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    It will be running on a Linux server.
    Awstats and google analytics excluded.

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    What type of access to this server do you have root?
    I always did like the clouds

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    Well,I have root access,but I don't want to use software that requires command line installation(such as awstats).
    That's why I'm asking for an easy to install(eg.through ftp) piece of software.

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