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    Support Boundaries

    I am in need of some opinions here.

    We have an issue with a customer right now who keeps claiming that we are stupid and that is NOT the public address for the redirect server of which we are hosting for him when it is. He claims this because counterstrike refuses to link up with it. Now, I keep telling him that the configuration of his game server is not in our support because we do not host the game server. At the same time, it's sort of like a moral discrepancy seeing as we are hosting his redirect and he is unable to get it to work. Now, do you believe that I should stick by our support rules, or do you think I should allow him to run them over to get some help in this case?

    This is actually happening, but I am asking generally. We seem to get cases like this quite often, and it's getting old

    I just dont know if it is right to refuse support for a product when technically we are providing the product they requested.

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    It's really up to you.

    Sometimes customers ask for so much that it's not cost effective to keep them, so in that case what they're asking is beyond support boundaries. If someone is only paying $4.95/month, but want to be on the phone with you for hours every day, then they're abusing the support.

    So my point is that it's up for you to decide if it's worth helping them. In this case from what I know of it, things could go either way.

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    I would tell him that its billable hours, since its an issue on his end, but you'll fix it for him and then tell him exactly how you fixed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AH-Tina
    I would tell him that its billable hours, since its an issue on his end, but you'll fix it for him and then tell him exactly how you fixed it.
    I like that idea as it could do two things that are good:
    1. Make him figure out how to fix it and stop bugging you.
    2. Have you fix it and spend time on his extra dime to fix it instead of eating up your time when you don't need to.
    In my opinion, though you are hosting the redirect, you aren't hosting the actual game server and so the issue can be with that server, it's configuration, or whatever and there is no way for you to know as you do not have access to it. It's the same thing with scripts and web design. Most hosts wont give support on scripts, past answering configuration settings, or figure out why the layout of a web page isn't correct. (Though that can be different on a case by case basis.)

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    The reason the "redirect" isn't functioning is due to the fact that his gameserver doesn't run on the default port.
    Thus he will have to specify the port number after the URL when connecting to it.

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    I think you should stick to whatever you say you do on your website. Now if it's a problem on his end and your hands are tied there's not really much you can do.

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    Perhaps this is a way for you to move into another area of service. For instance, start offering these services for a certain fee in addition to your regular fees. This is a strategy that I've always thought would work well with shared hosting companies as well - offering installation of scripts for clients for an additional fee. Why more hosting companies do not provide a more personalized level of service is beyond me. I think this may be your chance to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction.
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    Well if you are not making much money out of it, then perhaps its best you let it be, it sounds like his problem not yours though

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    I think if you stated that you support it you should move forward and try to resolve it. However on the flip side of that if you can explain to him that on your end it works and even setup a test to prove it works the rest it up to him or his other host.

    I agree with what someone else that replied said that anything else outside the scope is billable.

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