View Poll Results: What control panel do you like best?

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  • Plesk

    2 5.00%
  • Ensim

    3 7.50%
  • cpanel/WHM

    22 55.00%
  • interworx

    0 0%
  • DirectAdmin

    7 17.50%
  • other

    6 15.00%
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    I personally prefer cPanel but I also enjoyed using DirectAdmin for two years and it was a pretty good experience as well. In terms of security and such Plesk is probably is your best bet but cPanel is most popular atm in terms of feature and customer usability.

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    I like iBiz Panel and I like Alabanza's control panel. Both come with the severs or server farm and are not stand alone products. I prefer the fully integrated and automated system that these control panels provide. There is a larger profit margin to be made in systems where you can up-sell and where customers can upgrade and buy services without support having to lift a finger. So there is less support to be done and, since everything is automated, customers are more content and confident that they can get what they need when they need it. The reliability of 99.983! to 99.999% ain't bad either.

    Also, both of these control panels manage server farms, not just 1 individual server. You can move websites between servers with no downtime and these server farms have load balancing. So if you oversell and suddenly a server is filling up, you can easly move some websites to another server without your client's even knowing it happened. No interruptions. The iBiz Panel is a fully managed server farm where with Alabanza, you manage your own. Both are fully equipped to resell to resellers.

    I mention these details because these control panels did not even make it on your list but you should consider having ALL of them available to your customers.

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    My vote goes to H-Sphere.
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    Add HELM to the list
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    Cpanel WHM or Alabanza
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    If it is windows then helm play a vital role.
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    You should update your list and include HSphere and Helm

    I'm a cPanel fan probably because I started with it and have learned to be comfortable with it.

    On top of that, we handle everything for the client so a pretty control panel isn't that important to me. RVSkins are good but in terms of look and feel, I think cPanel falls short when compared to the others I've seen Plesk / HSphere.

    As far as the functionality is concerned, I can't give an authoritative answer as I've never gone deep into the features of others. I've at least looked at and considered Plesk and HSphere. However, I move from host to host as you always have good hosts going bad (e.g. Site5) so it's much more convenient and easier for me to stick with cPanel

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    Resellers like cpanel/whm the most.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spudstr
    So i'm trying to gauage what control panel resellers like, cpanel/whm, plesk ensim?

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    cPanel rocks in both reseller and customer POV...
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    I've used cPanel, Ensim, and Direct Admin in the past. cPanel + WHM is my favorite by far.

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    My vote goes for the Alabanza control panel. Of course Ive used it since around 1999!
    I find clients really like it too though. Easy to use, and more importantly very STABLE and reliable!
    I found Ensim pretty good too (used it a few years ago, but not currently)
    I think DirectAdmin *looks* really nice but havent yet had a chance to work with it.

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    Cpanel, just because I'm comfortable with it.

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    cPanel here also.

    Good for both the Resellers and the End Customers as well.
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    Another vote for cPanel/WHM. yeap. it is good for both the resellers and clients. I have used it as client first then i am using it right now as resellers. ****** hosting offers command console. so far i don't know how to operate it.

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    HostingController is also missing from your list. Even though we are not using HELM but on windows many prefer this.
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