I am for hire as a 'constultant' for web hosting. I am able to provide the following services:

  • Comment on existing services (functionality, how they are presented, product, how they fit into the market);
  • Help small web hosting companies find a niche in their own particular market to achieve growth - local-based, etc;
  • Complete a full PPPP analysis on your services (Price, Product, Place & Promotion);
  • Give custom marketing tips;
  • Assist with marketing based on a budget which is pre-set by the employer for up to a month;
  • Suggest ideas for new and innovative services (which will be based upon the company's size);
  • Provide assistance with wording of the web site so as to improve sales.

I am experienced with web hosting consultancy. For four years I have run my own web hosting business, and for two years or so have been providing reseller and dedicated services. As part of my 'personal approach' with my clients of this group, I have commented upon their sales and marketing strategy and they really feel that I have helped with their own online businesses.

I would describe my pricing as "cost-effective". I can provide the services listed above for a one-off price of $75-$90 (depending on the size of your web site and service list). For this, you will get the complete report about your business, and also assistance for up to a month (which will work out at 5 hours' working time on this particular part of the service) with marketing and sales.

I will be completely hands-on with your business - getting to know you as a business owner, and then shaping the service around your own personal needs. Rather than fitting you around my business model, I always work the other way round.

How to contact me
You can PM me for further assistance, or you can also add me on AIM: iFuseLiam. Alternatively, add my MSN Messenger address on: [email protected].

I look forward to working with you.