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    Block Traffic


    i wanted to blocked all traffic coming to my website except for US & Canada. via .htaccess or any other way could you please help me.


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    Then I think it would be simpler to allow all US and Canada traffic instead of blocking all others.

    I'm not sure if there's simple way, but allowing IPs from Canada and US would be the most direct yet time consuming way.

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    Well you would first need to find the ranges that the US and Canada use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FR-Alex
    Well you would first need to find the ranges that the US and Canada use.
    Not to mention that those ranges can be portable and new ranges are being added pretty consistently.
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    May be, you can use an external service like , that tells you the location of traffic. You need to parse the location info and then allow/disallow your traffic.

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    Might be worthwile reading this discussion:

    In my opinion, using geo-ip snooping is ok to roughly target your ads

    But using it to block traffic would be tricky for a few reasons:

    - Every request would need to be processed. I have yet to see this done at the webserver or OS level, and doing it via PHP/ASP/etc could be expensive

    - As lots of people have pointed out, blocking traffic by country is dangerous becuase it's difficult to be 100% sure of incoming IP locations (in a timely fasion) and also your target audience might not be strictly grouped into countries

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    GeoIP. google it.

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    I believe you can check this link.. may be it would be helpful.
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