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    tell me about

    friends please gimme reviews about and their customer support and UP Time , i am planning to buy fully managed server from them soon, please advise me that it is advisable to buy or not. they have servers at STERLING Network , howz this data cente and howzz their network ? i am buying P4, 1 gb ram, 100 mbps , plesk, and + fully managed services??? please help me friends

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    I have a server with them and am quite happy to say the least. I don't know anything about the data center since I have not seen it physically but I have had zero problems with my server. Both server and network has been 100% uptime for me. You actually don't need to buy their managed server, if you go to their live chat, they will login to your box and help you out with any issues even if it is not managed. I know because I had a real painful database conversion I was doing and they helped out quite happily.

    I am a bit bummed out though because they keep giving out cheap specials here and there. I bought it on their website where it is more expensive. I probably should have waited for a special to come around and then bought the service, I could have saved some money.

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    Wow, their prices are deffinatly competitive. I'll have to look into them too. Im on the market for a dual core machine.

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