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    Thumbs up Big Myspace Resources site for sale!!!

    Hello, I'm selling my myspace resources site. Its been very successful. The site has been live since late April of 2006. The domain is included in this sale. Its registered at godaddy.

    The site has GREAT search engine placement with high quality keyword searches. As you can see, the site has some great potential.

    "myspace tweaks" 1st page in MSN search!!!
    "myspace tweaks" 2nd page in google search
    "myspace codes" 4th page in MSN search
    "myspace codes" 10th page in google search


    The site averages 15-18k unique visitors per month. Site has a PR4. You can view last months stats here..


    The site averages $50 per month via adsense ads. I also sell text links. I sell roughly 3-4 text links per month at $3 a piece. Thats an extra $10 per month income. Contact me and I will certainly provide screenshots of the adsense revenue.

    Serious buyers only!


    $500 OBO

    Payment will be processed through paypal. Must be a verified buyer.

    Serious buyers only!

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    can you provide screen shots of the Revenue Earnings please.

    Where is it registered at? what sort of hosting requirements are we talking

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    How much bandwidth and space does your site consist?

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    Please post referral stats

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    Revenue stats.. (September is not listed in the above link, so here it is)

    Referal stats..

    A large amount of traffic (60%) comes from a link exchange with ...the rest is from search engines.

    The site uses roughly 20 MB of space, and on average, 4 gigs of bandwidth monthly. Not much at all. Domain is registered at godaddy.

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    Will the link exchanges remain after the sale?

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    Yes they will.

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