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    Decision on host


    I need help deciding on a good dedicated host. I currently manage 4 web sites all through various shared hosting packages, and soon will be deploying an online store. Rather than have 20 hosting providers I'm thinking of having a dedicated server and taking care of my hosting myself. Iíd like a Windows 2003 server, and I was thinking of this 1and1 server, the business 1 or 2 selection,;jsessionid=5E7CA5176AA28C9F95B0DAAD59772BDE.TC33b?__frame=_top&__lf=Order-Tariff

    However, always liking to research my purchases I came across some horror stories, and I have also had bad run ins with 1and1 shared hosting.

    Whatís important to me is that itís of moderate speed/storage and most important reliable and bang for buck, as Iíll have to cover costs for the first month or 2 as I migrate the sites on to it, in other words I really donít want to waste money on a bad host.

    Your help is appreciated!!

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    There are the best as far as no downtime goes. I had 3 servers with them and zero downtime since 2 years. but no support what so ever by phone. Email is the only way they reply. and that too 24-48 hours to get an issue resolved. but they get it done.
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