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    Question Hosting Startup

    I plan to start up a hosting (reselling) business and want to confirm what I've been reading...which is to get (in this order) a:

    1. DBA
    2. Seperate Bank acct. in the name of the DBA
    3. Sign up for a merchant acct.
    4. Sign up for a gateway
    5. Sign up with a reselling company

    And then I'm ready to go to work.

    But...then I read that it would be wise to start small first. Don't even get a DBA or merchant acct, etc. But rather sign up for a small amount of space, go with Pay Pal for payments and see how it goes and learn without much risk. Then after I begin to see clients and income grow...upgrade to more space, get DBA and merchants account and go from there.

    Anybody have some wisdom to share and basic steps that I'm overlooking?



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    There's no perfect solution, only the solution that's perfect for you. But I will tell you that I know from experience -- the effort, time, and investment you put into a startup determines how serious you are and how far it will go.

    While you may not need some of that stuff when starting out, it not only helps to build a professional image, but also helps you realize you've made a serious investment. Because of this, generally, you'll try harder to succeed.

    Hope that points you in the right direction, at least somewhat.
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    My advice is that if you are serious start out serious. Get whatever you need to start the company out of the way. This could be getting your dba or filling out the paperwork for an llc or a c/s corp. It all depends on what you want to move into and what kind of protection under the law you are looking for.

    While many on wht push writting a business plan I feel it is possible to start without one and still make it. However, when I was starting out I did atleast 6-8 months research before I even put my fingers to the keyboard on my business plan. If you want to get going you do need some direction and some background that you can learn from before you dive in head first or you will be starting at the back of the pack so to speak.

    Just some things to think about.
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    domain, website, branding, trademarks, support phone, ticket system, tax arrangements (varying depending on your state), and a business plan are probably good items to tack on the list.
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    I think that with a 2CO account, a Reseller Account, and all your Support Service (personnel, support phone, ticket system, etc) its Perfect for start, becuase if you start hiring more personnel, renting a EXTREME performance server, will only cause you big losses.

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    Thanks for the reply...

    I will start simple with full support, etc. I have access to MANY potential clients so I want to keep my focus on promotions/sales and hire a reseller that offers live end-user help.


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    If you are just starting up and you're a 1 man operation, don't even bother incorporating with an LLC. Go with a sole proprietorship; way easier when it comes to paying taxes and a lot less paperwork.
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