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    Which external hard drive do you prefer for backups... portable or non-portable?

    I am sick of backing up onto cd's. I have decided to start doing backups to an external drive, it's easier and less hassle and faster.

    So I went to the store and bought 5 different hard drives. I'm going to keep the best one and return the rest... sorry I know I'm a picky shopper. Stores must hate people like me.

    3 of the external hard drives I got were non-portable and the other 2 are portable ones. I took a liking to the portable ones because all you need to power the drive is the USB cord. You simply plug the usb cord in and you're set. With the non-portable ones you have that huge annoying power cord AND usb cord and the drives are also much bigger.

    My question is... which do you guys prefer? What is the benefit to me choosing the non-portable external drive when the portable ones are so much smaller and only need usb for power? It seems portable ones would be better in that case?

    Are they just as reliable though? I'm going to be backing up VERY important business data and business databases. I don't require much space though.... 40 GB is PLENTY!

    Which do you guys perfer? I can't make up my mind, help!

    The portable ones would be so easy and convenient to shove into your laptop carrying case... the non-portable ones are a tad too big... and heavy.

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    Actually I have made up my mind of what I'm going to do =)

    I'm going to keep a non-portable drive at home and then also a portable one and simply take the portable one with me when traveling and leave the larger non-portable one at home where it's safe and I'm not dragging my main one around.

    Why didn't I think of that earlier, feeling bit braindead today.

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    Portable are more expensive, but it is convenient because you can take it anywhere with you.

    If it stays plugged to your PC most of the time, then I guess internal would work for you.

    Correct me if I am wrong, I find the internal ones have larger storage capacity than those portable one.

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    Erm, besides what yupapa said, have you considered that if you loose your protable disk, you'll be in trouble? (not the disk itself, it's data)

    You could always just run a RAID array or something

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