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    Question Server Recomendation


    I am looking for a server for under $80 a month. I've been looking at the entry level servers from layeredtech and they look decent.

    Preferably I'd like something that is closer to $50 or $60 than closer to $100.

    The server will probably have a few sites on it, and all together it would defiantely use less than 50 gig a month, out of the 1,000gigs of b/w most dedis have.

    So I figured a low end dedicated server would give pretty good load speeds if the server as very low server load.

    What do you think? What servers specs would you recomend? What port speeds? What specific hosts?

    Thanks for anyone who can help.


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    What do you think?

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    A dedicated server for the price range your asking is going to be...well, you won't find it.

    You need VPS or Shared. Even "low-end" dedicated servers run ~$79.99+. Add a control panel (if you want) and the price is closer to (if not over) $100.

    Good luck.

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    From layered tech....

    Base System Configuration:
    • Intel Celeron 2.0GHz
    • 80GB Hard Drive
    • 512MB RAM
    • Bandwidth: 1500GB
    • IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
    • Private VLAN
    • Basic Resource Monitoring
    • FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows*
    • 100% Self Managed and Dedicated

    Monthly Fee Options:
    $75 | $19 Setup

    What do u mean you can't find it?

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    LayeredTech is a good choice however remembe they are Unmanaged, and when I say that I mean quite literally you will only get the very basics such as hardware issues and reboots.

    I have had a couple of servers through them and except from some initial configuration issues, everything has been fine with them.

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    How hard do you think it would be to moved from shared hosting to unmanaged?

    What is involved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnlodge
    How hard do you think it would be to moved from shared hosting to unmanaged?

    What is involved?

    Pretty hard , you should think about increasing your budget to cover $30/mo for a managed service company to manage the box for you. Also keep in mind the extra cost of the control panel interface.
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    Getting a server $30 less than your budget, then hiring a outsourced management company (many around $30) which will offer unlimited system admin time, quick ticket support, etc, will give you the feel of shared hosting (uptime, speed, performance) on a dedicated server environment.
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    You should maybe try one of the French providers

    • Intel Celeron 2.00 GHz
    • 160 Go SATA
    • 256 Mo DDR
    • 10 Mbps
    • Unlimited from

    Just 23 EU incl VAT

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    256 ram seems not enough. Hm, thanks guys.

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    Also, whats involved in securing an unmanaged server?

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    Pentium 4 3.0GHz w/HT (2 CPU's)
    80GB SATA II Hard Drive
    1000GB Premium Bandwidth
    10MBPS Port Speed

    How could is this server? Is that a good deal for $70 a month?

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    where did you see this 70 dollar pentium4 3 Ghz server from???
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    So I'm assuming thats a good deal?

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    where did you see this 70 dollar pentium4 3 Ghz server from???
    Man thats bada**

    I offer Pentium® 4 w/HT - 3.0GHz
    250 USD a month.

    70 dollars thats an overseller.

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