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    Pentium 4 2.8GHz w/HT, 1024mb DDR RAM, 2x160 HDDs, WHM/cPanel, $145/mo!

    Hello fellow WHTers,

    This is a special dedicated server I've owned for 3-4 months (setup on June 8th, 2006). Through that time, I made all the necessary tune ups that all new servers needed, to ensure the server was running at pro levels of performance.

    I've been trying to get a good project going to create large amounts of income, however, thi sdid not happen in my timeframe. I loe this server, but my personal funding cannot support it, as I did not have the right type of business to produce income to pay for the server. So, i've moved down to a VPS, where Ican afford the cost, - Stationed at
    Processor: InTel Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz with Hyperthreading Technology.
    Memory: 1,024 megabytes (1gb) of DDR RAM Installed.
    Hardrives: Two 160gb HDDs 7200 rpm (the 2nd one is for auto-backups).
    Monthly Bandwidth: 1,500gb (10mbit connection)
    Control Panel: Unmetered Domains WHM/cPanel License
    Provided IPs: 4 (.205, .206, .207, and .208 of 72.29.81.XXX)
    Extra Features: Fantastico and ClickBe Available

    Fully Managed Server
    * 99.9% Uptime SLA
    * Kernel Upgrades, OS patches
    * Initial WHM setup
    * Daily Auto Backups configured on your behalf
    * Cpanel Updates / Upgrades
    * Backup restores
    * Dns configuration
    * Creating, deleting reseller accounts
    * We will install Zend, Curl, GD, imagemagick upon request at no cost!
    * Reboot server unlimited times
    * Hands support on with your machine
    * 24x7 Access to your machine on site!
    * DDOS Attack Migration Protection!
    * SSL installation assistance
    * Custom Nameserver's assistance
    * Enrollment in reselling BRANDED dedicated servers of your own!
    * FREE your own domain reseller account, domains will show your name in whois!

    * Approx. 14 Days Service Included (aka prepaid until October 1st 2006).
    * Payment via PayPal or Credit Card to Hosting Provider
    * Low $145/mo fee on the server!

    Price: $46 one time fee & $145/mo afterwards.
    (The first payment of $145 is due on October 1st)


    Why the $290 One Time Fee!?
    I just want to, in a sense, get back two months of the server I paid... all web software stated in the "Extra Features" specification coems with the server, as well as a account wipe and default configurations reset (so yo umay customize the software as you wish).

    In short, this is my price for the Ownership Rights, which there is also a "Best Offer" acceptance. This server is the only of its kind that isn't available on the server page as an option, for this low of price, as this server was obtained in the company's sale of June 2006.

    What do you mean by PHP4 and PHP5 being on this server?
    I have a setup installed that converts all files ending with the extension .php to use the PHP4 guidelines, while files ending with .php5 will use PHP5 coding. This allows more options for you and/or your customers, if you decide to host.

    Who is hosting this server? provides all management of billing, technical assistance, maintenance, installations, etc via phone (provided on request for dedicated server people) or helpdesk. They share (lease) a datacenter with HostDime (partnering companies) in Orlando, Florida, called DimeNOC. They are not a reseller of a provider, they lease part of the database and have thair business conducted there.

    I have been there for two years and have no reason to leave! Their service is fast as well as their support, which technical support answers in 15 minutes or less than an hour (depending on the issue) on average.

    Why are you selling this "great deal" server?
    Simple, I was only using around 10% resources or less, wasn't making enough income on my end to maintain the great deal, and so I must let it go. I really love this server, but my funding does not, it is hard fo rme to let her go... but I have no real choice.

    I've decided to sell it's ownership rights (aka the one time fee) because it is not a server that can be found for the monthly price it has. This server was obtained through a server sale of June 2006, and was one of the few to gain the dual 160gb HDDs before they ran out, on the first day (the ones after that received dual 120gb HDDs).

    Price wise, this saves you roughly $55 per month, being the WHM/cPanel license and extra 40gb of storage, than their advertised matchup, is included in the monthly fee, for free, and without a setup fee. By doing some math, it would be around 3 1/2 months worth of savings of the normal, nonpromotional price when it equals the one time fee I've provided.

    Do you have any uptime evidance?
    Yes, at

    Please note, all the outages of August and September was made by me, because of poor restarts (from my own software configurating, which support can do but I wanted to instead). In July, there was one half an hour network outage and a breif server restart during the end of the month. By the way, Forceful Reboot option in WHM or SSH's reboot command works best, as now I know this (was using "Graceful" before)


    If you are interested, you may purchase the Ownership Rights of the server from me by a one time fee of $46 or "best resonable offer". Contact me at otikeu [at] with any questions or offers. You can visit for more information on their policies (via Sitemap link and in the bottom left column of links). The monthly fee is only $145/month, and the next billing period is on October 1st, 2006.

    (Also, I've asked Surpass's Eman dedicated support representative for permission on such transactions, and I was told that the trading of ownership of the server is fine.)
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    Incase you lost your place in all that wording. I'm giving the server's ownership for $46 USA via PayPal, since I am not in the economic status to personally fuind it (and none of my projects have made income).

    After that one time fee, the monthly payments for the server is $145/month, which starts on October 1st 2006.

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