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    LayeredTech is sleeping

    one of our server was told by DDOSed, they disconnect the server and has been for 10 hours and NO SINGLE REPLY

    They just shut down your server and go to sleep?

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    Your host was under a large attack and the VLAN for your host was shutdown at 7:30 AM this morning to mitigate the attack so it would not affect other clients that share your same switch as the attackers are targetting both your host and its gateway IP address. The ticket that is open for your host shows to have a KVM being hooked up at this time so that you can be granted access to remove the target domain on your server so the host can be put back online.

    Your ticket will be updated with the details when the KVM is setup. No we are not asleep and we are not ignoring your tickets and it has not been 10 hours since our last reply or since your host was even taken offline this morning.

    There is many internal comments on your host and no further updates to provide you until the KVM is up.

    Your ticket should be updated shortly. If you have any further questions please contact us via our support portal.



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    seems i got better reply on WHT

    please get server online ASAP, 9-10-11 hours, I don;t care about the number
    I just know it is long enough for attact to vanished

    it is a HUGE downtime and I got no reply until I post on WHT...

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    WHT is not our support forums and I only happen to see your post after updating another one on here. I do see now your using this as an opportunity to bash us in other threads on these boards.

    Your ticket will be updated shortly with the KVM details so you can remove the target site that is hosted on your self managed server.

    Please direct all future requests to our ticket system as we do not monitor these forums for support requests and do not provide support via WHT or any other forums.



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    am I expecting another 8 hours to wait?

    I DID reply to thtat ticket for 5 times and go no one there

    Of course I know this is not your support forum , but 8 hours is as rediculous as 10 hours

    thanks for your helps

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    Im sorry to say but I agree with Jeremy.
    The way they handled the attack on your server is bog standard procedure.
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