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    Thumbs up Cash paid for your hosting clients!

    If you're looking to sell cPanel based hosting clients, I'm interested to hear from you.
    Perhaps you're a webdesigner looking to offload the hosting of your clients' sites, or maybe you're just trying to get out of the hosting business - whatever your reason, I'm happy to hear from you.

    I am willing to pay 3 months hosting fees per client, so for example if you have 5 clients each paying $5 per month, then I will pay you $15 per client, making a total of $75.

    Your clients will be coming to a good home. We're well established and offer 24/7/365 support by Toll-Free phone or email. I can give you more details about my company by PM if you're serious about making an arrangement.

    I've conducted a few purchases already through WHT so you can be sure that I don't mess around.

    If you have any other offers, then I'm open to hearing them. Look forward to your messages :-D


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    I am a designer. I'll offer also webhosting service and if someone want this - I'll contact you.
    very nice offer!!

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    Thanks for that dvirhazout.
    Hope to hear from you in due course

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    For 5000 accounts, would you be opened to another payment structure?

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    Sure. What do you have in mind?
    Feel free to PM me.


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    Hi There

    I thought that you might be interested in my hosting company or clients.

    Due to a personal decision I am selling my hosting company which is based in Australia, with Australian Clients and Resellers.

    clients are hosted on Plesk. 7.5.4 for Linux (37Gb of disk used and 50Gb of traffic Max per month) and 7.5.4 for Windows (10Gb of Disk used and 20GB of Traffic Max per Month). My company is well established for over 5 years offering a personal service with long term clients, and hopefully the buyer can and will keep that going! I would prefer it if the buyer keep the clients on Plesk and handle the transfer over to new servers, its less hassle for the clients, but ultimately, once a buyer pays for the clients, its down to them what they do.

    Included in the sale is an unlimited licence for Plesk for Unix with current SUS, Plesk for windows licence for 100 domains, 3 Domain Names (, and .biz), Licence for 4psa Total Backup and Licence for 4psa Clean Server. I have 2 Resellers (1 on windows and 1 on unix) both with 20 or more domains. All clients are billed via ModernBill on a leased licence which you will take over. Forsale is also our cooperate website, along with a customized modernbill interface with automated signup, credit card payments, activations and billing.

    I would prefer to sell the licences, software, clients, phonenumbers and keep the servers for another use, however if you want a turn key hosting company I can also provide 2 highly redundant servers with SCSI hot swap raid 1 and full remote access in a Aust Based DataCentre. I currently have Telephone numbers in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide for clients to call and these numbers can easily be transferred to your call centre as they are all IP Tel.


    All bids or questions should be sent to me (Douglas) on my office account, hem020[at] I will require the buyer paying me via Bank Funds Transfer in full to ensure a clean transition.

    Note all plans and forecasts are in Australian Dollars AUD. (1 USD = 1.3 AUD approximately)

    Annual gross income approx $22,000 AUD = $17,000 USD
    Approx 50 clients with 80 Domains (All australian based clients)

    As mentioned above the clients will NOT be sold individually! For screenshots and URL, of the website please email me.

    Thank you very much!


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