What I am Looking For
An experienced Flash Game Developer, with expertise in multiplayer gaming. I am interested in created a "cartoonish" 3D game for use online. The hired developer should have a portfolio and should be very passionate about their work.

The Project
The project, as mentioned before, will be an online multiplayer game. It will be very "cartoonish" but still have that 3D feeling. Users should be able to move around and interact with other players through the game. This should not be a complex multiplayer game... that is graphics should not be very detailed, however they should be very smooth and eye pleasing. I am giving 2 months to complete the project, and a contract will be necessary! I would like to start this project immediately! This will be a very fun project, and the developer will have alot of freedom when it comes to the games design.

The project will be on a pay-per-project basis. There will be various additions to the project in the near future, which will also be paid. The beginning project will pay $250. I will be setting a website up using this game, and if necessary the first 5 months of revenue will be shared with the developer 50/50.

If you are interested please forward me a portfolio and method of contact to [email protected].

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!
- Louis W. Lang III