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    Godaddy VDS, do you own one?

    If you do can you tell me which plan you have and what `cat /proc/user_beancounters` says?

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    I don't know, godaddy doesn't have Virtuozzo, cpanel, Fantastico and RVSkin, thats why I never went with them..I didn't care so much about VZPP, but cpanel, RVSkin, and Fantastico are a definite "must" for me.

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    Godaddy now has cpanel and all that other crap, however I think there is better deals to be found then what you find @ godaddy, just need to do your home work.

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    /shrug At one time we had a GoDaddy VPS for testing. We had the 'disk quota exceeded' problem.

    Was the same bug noted in:

    9 Days of entering trouble tickets...We cancelled the account. Not 1 single reply. We even called their support 5 different times and each time they said, "Oh I'm sorry we can't look in the tech queue". "No our manager is not in." "Looks like your ticket has been entered but not accepted into the queue so we can't view it"

    My question the heck do you give someone a status if you can't even view the ticket. They couldn't. No status --- nothing 9 days the VPS was unusable.

    Cancelled and never looked back. I would recommend to stay far far away.
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