We are looking for a dedicated, reliable, and skillful PHP programmer that know "phpBB" and "Multiforums" like the back of their hand. (Knowing AJAX is a huge plus)

Several easy/moderate/difficult projects to choose from. Pay will be well worth it.

Only serious programmers need apply.

Ex: We wish to have a custom referral system put in. Pay would be $XXX depending on how long you think it would take and what features you can add.

Ex: Looking to improve logo uploader, rank and smiley manager, etc these would also pay $XXX

We are a very unique company offering very unique services. Come join us and show off your skills while making great money. We need the best, we pay the best.

(Our last programmer made over $1,000 doing odd jobs after school last month.)

Looking forward to talking with you.

Email: support (at) freepowerboards.com
AIM: FreePowerBoards
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: FreePowerBoards
ICQ: 328312617

Chris Davis