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    MySQL/php trouble

    Hi guys
    My host is netfirms

    Im trying to install MediaWiki myself and during installation I get the error

    Attempting to connect to database server as u70306923...success. Connected to 4.1.12; You are using MySQL 4.1 server, but PHP is linked to old client libraries; if you have trouble with authentication, see for help.

    Since this is shared hosting, I dont have any control over the php and mysql versions. I contacted netfirms and theyre not very helpful.

    Any ideas on what I could do to overcome this and install MediaWiki?

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    YOu need to set the server to use older password hashing algorithm or need to uprgrade the client. It is well known issue with mysql 4.1
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    To go on what betsy said: You need to contact your host since you don't have control over their servers. They need to install the MySQL-client 4.1 libraries to their web servers, recompile PHP to use the new libraries, and enable "old-passwords" in their my.cnf for their MySQL server.

    This issue is kind of serious since every website on the same server as you will be experiencing the SAME issues (unable to connect) with the same error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottyyy

    Any ideas on what I could do to overcome this and install MediaWiki?
    If your current host doesn't understand any of this then you should find yourself a host that does.

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