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    Expired domains any use?

    Hi, I am wondering about all this interest in expired domains. If the domain is already expired and dropped off the search it any value or does it still get traffic?

    Since the domain has no links from the SEs , how will people know it exists anymore? I'm not talking about generic names but two or three word combinations that nobody would know...

    Is it any use to reg them or should I just refrain from spending that $8-10 ?

    Sorry, I dont use Moniker...

    Would appreciate anyones feedback...


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    The search engine links will still be there at least until they spider the domain again. Any directory links and bookmarks will still be there also. Put content back on the expired domains asap.
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    Thanks Stu,

    To be honest, I was just searching thru expired domains, and found one that supposedly had around 750 views/month. But that was months ago...

    But since I dont see it at all in the search engines...anymore....I dont know if there's value in regging it just for parking...

    Dont think I wanna put up a site specially for it again...the name doesnt really connect with me.

    I was hoping maybe you guys had any similiar experience to share....was it worth your while...and the reg fee?



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