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    Is VPS right choice for me?

    I currently have two shared accounts with hostrocket. Response time has been getting less reliable so I'm thinking of a VPS or dedicated server.
    I currently run a number of commercial, subscription based sites. These are all php/mysql sites with very low volume:
    5 GB bandwidth, 150K Hits (Max) per month.
    I use about 1 GB of disk, 12 mySql databases and about 10 subdomains between the two accounts.

    I'm used to managing the shared accounts via cpanel but I don't want to be responsible for day to day monitoring of the server. I'd like an account where people with experience can ensure that the site is secure, optimized and stable as a rock. Ideally, I'd like to be able to host 4 or 5 domains.

    I'm thinking that a dedicated server is overkill but I want to be sure that a managed VPS will be the right choice.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Well, one of the main points of going with a VPS versus shared hosting or reseller hosting is because of the root access and the amount of control you get. It seems this is what you are wanting, and as long as the VPS is not overused, it can be the 'right choice' for anyone.

    So for what you need to do, I think the VPS setup would be perfect for your needs. You should last a while on a VPS depending on your growth, but even then, you're starting off on the low end, so you have plenty of room for growth.

    Most VPS providers nowadays include management services with their plans, so you may have to do a little searching around.

    Hope this helps
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    Since you have a very low bandwidth usage and hits, you should expect really low cpu loads and memory usage.

    If you choose directadmin as control panel:
    Space: less than 1GB used by OS + directadmin
    RAM: 128mb are enough

    If you choose cpanel as control panel:
    Space: more than 2,1GB used by OS + cpanel
    RAM: 256mb is acceptable

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    Thanks guys for your advice.

    My first post is a copy of an email I sent to FutureHosting. I got a response from Vik less than 15 minutes after I sent it! WOW.

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