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    Post need opinions on companys (no offers please)!

    I've been with my hosting company for about 3 years now and have been quite happy with them until recently. I have never experienced any type of down time with them that I know of. They are very good at sending out warnings if I was close to going over my Transfer GB. But recently they have upgraded there hosting plans and the "old people" don't automatically get the benefits, which don't bother me all that much b/c I can upgrade to the new equivalent package. What has bothered me is the customer service and the run around I get from their support system. I've gotten three different answers from the same question from there phone support, email support and call ticket system and I'm no closer to getting the answer that I want.

    So I've been shopping around and looking for a new host. I went the request forum and got some offers but I'm not too sure.

    What I would like are some opinions on the following webhosts that I'm seriously considering:

    1. (my current host, and a bit afraid to leave)
    2. Alwayswebhosting

    any opinions/experience with the above providers would be greatly appreciated.

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    In my opinion, if you have been witht hem for 3 years. And for the most part in that 3 years been happy, i would stay with them. All of the hosts you mentioned below have decent reputations (except for cyberpixels). However why not just stake it out with your current host?
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