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    AWSTATS on new cPanel account contains 18 days worth of stats!?!

    I have a domain thatís been pointing to a small account with a simple holding page on an old server of mine.

    Today I pointed it a new VPS server I have and created a cPanel account for it. To my surprise the first time I log into cPanel and go to AWSTATS it has details statistics for the last 18 days!! dating back to 5th september!!

    How is this possible? does the company that makes AWSATS store the info on their servers or something? I always though it was stored in text files on the web server itself, not anywhere else.

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    Presumably there have been some requests in the time petween you pointing the domain to the server and you adding awstats. Those requests will be in your apache logs, and awstats will have picked them up from there.

    Where might those requests come from? People or spiders follwing old links most likely, if someone owned the domain before you nad did something with it.

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