It is a fact that the need for remote data backups is increasing every day. With the threat of loosing critical data, it is no longer an option for a home user or corporation to take these sort of risks. Now is the opportune time to consider the potential investment it would be to hop into a growing industry such as this. However, it isnít always that easy. With the initial costs of creating a business and building the proper infrastructure for remote data backups, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a small operation alone.

That is where we come in. With the versatility of an enterprise grade infrastructure, the stability and reliability that it offers, and all within a price range that would fit a growing businesses budget, you can now obtain the ability to offer remote data backups either as a brand new company, or an accent to your already established business.

ByteFortressís reseller program starts at 100GB storage block increments at $75/mo or $225 annual pre-paid. You have the ability to either use our custom software, or utilize the other many protocols we support to your clients. Not only can you use our software, but for a 500GB purchase or greater we can actually re-brand it to your company logo and information! Also receive reseller discounts on coupling our double or triple point backups with your backup offerings.

For more information on our reseller program please email [email protected], and we will be more than happy to send our information packet to you on how you can get started with your very own remote backup reseller account.

Thank you for reading, and please allow ByteFortress Technologies LLC. to be your remote data backup provider!