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    Need Host for Game site

    Hello all,
    I am with reseller zoom budget, for my small sites, ive installed a large site here but its every minute down, i need host which can handle Gamesitescript and 500/day with reasonable bandwidth.

    I would love if here some host already hosted gss, or any user hosted gss script on shared or vps and users/day is from 400 to 500.

    Please let me know.
    Budget will depend upon services, if not found any good i may go with vps

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    Well i handle a forum, with about double that per day, so not the same thing in bandwidth but more or less that for the stress on the server, it's on jaguarpc , i'm a client for about 4 months, it works great ^^

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    actually i handled 2k unique for another site easily but gamesitescript has resources problem, and i think i should use something like lunarpages if somebody else used it for same please let me know.


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    Anybody can suggest ?
    it maybe reseller, shared, or vps but personal experience or if you have already hosted site like mine.

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    I would consider a VPS or dedicated if you are having that much resource issues.

    If you do go reseller or shared, make sure they have a big powerful server.

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    Nothing good found yet, so i am plaining to give a try to lunarpages.
    Heard good about them.

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    If you are looking for a vps, I won't hesitate in recommending Servint.. I am with them for over a year now.. absolutely no issues..
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Thanks guys i optimised my site, removed too many sql queries and moved from resellerzoom to lunarpages and it works really well now.
    If still have any problem i will look at Servint.

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