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    some questions about domain names

    I've asked this question like 100 times it seems like, but no matter what I can't understand. I have a domain and it is being pointed to an ace-net server I'm paying for. I want to switch to a home server, but I'm not sure how to do that.
    Do you HAVE to have two IP addresses for name servers? Is it possible to use to point to my home server? I have a dynamic IP address. I have a dyndns account, but how does that help me exactly? Someone told me to set that up... and I did. But I don't understand why.

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    In google, try:

    home server setup

    sure something there can help, along with the responses here...
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    To have two nameserver IP's, no, it is not possible. However, there is another way you can point your domain name to your home server.

    Most registrars (including yours, Wild West Domains) will allow you to direct a domain name to any url, including an IP. I would suggest using this option.

    If you don't want the IP to appear in the address bar, you can use something called "url masking." I'm not sure if Wild West includes this or not, but many registrars do. (keep in mind that url masking is not the best for search engine rankings, however.)
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    You can use DNS Made Easy ( for a little of $14.95/year. They have a simple interface and a excellent network.

    You have to set your nameservers to DNSMadeEasy and in your DNSMadeEasy account a A record to an IP address for your home box.

    Hopes this help you.
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