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    Host selection advice for quasi-newbie

    Have a site currently but it is very slim and when we talked with our current host about what we are wanting to do in the future, little support is offered there for our plans. Needs are pretty simple and any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated. We have our own domain name already and shouldn't be any problem moving to another host. Figured it would be better to move before we updated current site to the more complex site we have ready to launch.

    We're currently a very small company that needs web mail, ability to set up some e-commerce functions, but the big thing is we want to be able to deliver on-line (probably with LMS) training for a niche market as well as enabling consumers to download items. Limited start-up budget, primary web building experience is FrontPage, e-learning being developed with Authorware, and need a place on our site for collabration between the developers / authors.

    If anyone has done something similar suggestions of pitfalls to beware of will be appreciated, too.

    Thank you.

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    A good host for your needs should be very, very easy to find. As for collaboration software, there are plenty of free scripts available for that. Check
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    I believe the first thing you have to do is get with you developers and decide the following.

    -What language your site will be coded in (assuming it will be dynamic).
    -If any databases are needed, what will you be using, how much space do you need.
    -How much space will you need for your training files.
    -How much bandwidth will you use.

    From there, you can start searching for hosts, make sure the host has front page extensions installed, so you can publish directly with frontpage. Next, don't go cheap on hosting, you get what you pay for. Find a host you feel is good, contact support, make sure you get a knowledgable answer back. If thats all well, confirm the host has good uptime by requesting proof (everyone has a guarantee, whether they can meet it is another thing). After all this, you may find it important to get a host with a pretty fast transfer speed, try to get a test file from a host -- you should be getting 500kb+ easily during peak times from a non-oversold host.

    Good luck with your web site.

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