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    Adversiting? Word of Mouth? What else?

    Since we are a new localed web hosting and we own the servers and we are in processing to have our own small space data center in our town soon but...

    What is the best way to do adversiting? word of mouth? I know adversiting cost alot of money but which is the best way to start with small budget? I am just looking for ways to grow our company.

    Any feedbacks and suggestions is appericated and I always put customer first, dont you agree?

    By the way, go Longhorns! We are proud to be Texas!
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    Word of mouth/happy customers is always the best advertising.

    Other than that... think of some kind of campaign... something like we offer a, b, c for only x bucks from 1st of y to 1st of z... then book a million banner ads on a couple websites... if you do not get any customers at all, then there is something wrong with your offer. ;-)

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    Hi josephp, if it's a new business (congrats by the way), I would take a different approach and contact your local newspapers with a press release, and hope to get an interview, join your local chamber of commerce and network a lot. Try and get to know some local business owners in your area, be active on forums like this one (with your sig on all your posts), seo your site, submit your site, etc., etc. Also contact your local SCORE chapter ( SCORE is retired business owners that offer free counseling, advice and training to new businesses, you can check with them on ideas and also good places to network.
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    Word of mouth is still the best bet. You may have thousand of advertisement around, if your service is lousy, nobody will be even considering your services.

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    Here's a little hidden gem that not too many use.

    Almost every city (unless it's a 1 stoplight town) has what's called a "business networking group" like this:

    A bunch of businesses get together in order to share resources, pass each other clients (they'll send you business leads if one of their clients needs webhosting and you send them leads if, for example, you know someone that needs an accountant.)

    What this does, is it creates a network of other businesses that will recommend your services and vice verca.

    Works for us... we have been hosting several medium to large businesses over the last 4 years this way with higher than usual profits per client (because they pay more for the trust that's generated from a face to face referral).

    Try it... it only takes up an hour or two of your time to go to the meetings, have breakfast, meet and network with the players of your local business community.

    EDIT: This works even if you are a 1 man band.
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    I was already writing about that in another thread. I agree with all suggestions, but also you can try with some of Safe List services. They are cheap or even free in some cases, although it is far away from good offline advertising or Google adwords.

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    Video marketing seems good way to make your word of mouth viral.

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