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    * Your favorite control panel?

    Hi guys,
    Which control panel are you using at the moment? What are the features which you love about it and what extra features would you like to see in it? Which features you don't like about it?

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    Pretty openended questions...

    Top ones for me are plesk and cpanel...both could be better but they get the job done.
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    I'm currently using 4 different control panels across different platforms. My end users like the Alabanza control panel the best and I like their backend DSM software the best. The only downfall if you can call it that, is that it is a dedicated IP number system, where each website and each control panel requires a dedicated IP number. So you can't share an IP for multiple website hosting.

    2nd to that I like the iBiz Panel because it is the equivalent of 10 dedicated servers for less than the price of 1.

    The one I like the least is cPanel because it gives end users too much information which tends to confuse them. I don't like WHM because everthing is done manually unless you add on more software and more problems.

    I also use H-sphere for Windows hosting and it's great except it is very complicated to setup a reseller account.

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    I think the search feature will give you a good idea, but if you ask me CPANEL and Plesk, and for low budget: DirectAdmin.

    Good luck!
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    cPanel -- I've found it's easiest to code for. But, that's based on me only using that software all this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JanusLairetammi
    . . . Which control panel are you using at the moment?
    Cpanel and H-sphere.

    Cpanel predominantly, but we're using H-sphere for our windows accounts. Steve, my business partner, absolutely loves H-sphere, and from what I've seen, it looks good. Very robust and simple. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    We use H-Sphere and Bob is correct, it is very robust, simple and might I add comprehensive.
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    Easy, H-Sphere and Interworx.
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    I would have to say HSphere because of the ability to manage both Linux and Windows servers.

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    I go with cPanel, very easy to use

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    I only use Plesk because most all my hosting clients are new to computers and they seem to pickup Plesk easy with a little help from us. Plus we have video tutorials on using Plesk if they are having problems.

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    Cpanel. It has its quirks, but overall its the best Linux control panel I've worked with - as far as ease of use for the end-user and simple admin management stuff.

    Ensim and Plesk...hated them. Too clunky and not as user-friendly as cPanel, in my opinion.

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    Thread Starter: Have you used the search function yet? There has to be at least 10 other threads like this.

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    Plesk is great as long as you aren't ever trying to go in and manually do things yourself

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    As customer I think the best is Cpanel. it's realy easy to use!

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    Cpanel is the best.I have 9 servers and all on 9 servers i am having cpanel and whm.

    Quote Originally Posted by JanusLairetammi
    Hi guys,
    Which control panel are you using at the moment? What are the features which you love about it and what extra features would you like to see in it? Which features you don't like about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceCreamMan
    Thread Starter: Have you used the search function yet? There has to be at least 10 other threads like this.
    So? I'd be willing there is 100 other thread like this and in everyone is someone saying "use the search function"

    //Back on Topic
    I prefer cpanel. No reason really it was the first control panel i ever used and became familiar and accustomed to the way it's set up. Though i've heard good things about directadmin.
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    Another vote for InterWorx.
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    cPanel Favorite Control Panel

    cPanel is my favorite control panel. It is user friendly and makes it easy to keep your websites organized.
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    Cpanel and WHM is for me.

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    I'm also using Hosting Controller (for 2.5 years now) and I like it MOST of the time. The support is usually pretty crappy, right up until you are almost pissed off and then they drop everything and start helping you and even coding custom fixes and deploying them on your server for you.

    They usually add new features which are buggy, but they are cool features that you want, so you keep trying to use them, and they keep blowing up in your face. Then they say the hotfix will be out in a week and it takes months.

    But as a general hosting solution, with built in reseller setup, automatted billing and basic help desk / ticket system - it works pretty good. They just added phpBB and some blog software that the users can click a button to deploy on their sites now too.


    I've tried Plesk, Ensim, CPanel, Helm, etc. but something didn't feel right about each one of them, or something was missing that I needed at the time. OR they didn't have support for certain third party software/services that I wanted to use.

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    DirectAdmin, it's stable.

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    We use WHM and Cpanel. THese are my preffered control panels and think they are the best without a doubt. WHM and cPanel are very powerful and user friendly.

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    Cpanel seems to a favorite among a lot of clients.
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    WHM is a really handy tool to have, so Id say cPanel.

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    I'm a fan of Directadmin it is easy to use easy to config and install and the customors like it.

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    I've used It is very usefull

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    Direct Admin and Cpanel.

    Direct Admin is a cheep control panel and very simple.
    Cpnael is a very good control panel, but not very simple.

    for new clinet - Direct Admin.

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    for me i prefer cpanel

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    For dual operating system: H-Sphere
    Single OS: cPanel.

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    Direct Admin also has an amazing templating system - which makes for easy branding

    Recently I've had the pleasure of working with interworx - its starting to grow on me!

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