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    What's wrong with 1and1? How is their speed?

    Okay, first of all. I KNOW that 1and1 customer service totally sucks!!!

    What else is wrong with 1and1? I see so many people saying they're bad but often without explanation.

    I've always had my domains registered with 1and1 and it's been great. You can't beat the price and I also like their control panel.

    I have also hosted some small sites with 1and1 and have had no bad experiences except whenever I need to get in touch with support.

    I've never had any problems with uptime. In my experience their uptime has been better than other more praised hosts I've been with.

    I'm thinking of moving some more busy sites over to 1and1 but would like to hear why I shouldn't do that?

    Does anyone know their performance? How are their servers for their Developer plan?

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    You may want to check out the following:

    From skimming the above posts, it seems as if most of the people who complained about 1and1 were complaining about their billing policies and procedures.

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    Have 2 box with 1and .fr, just small trafics websites but except as you said, the support suck, all the rest are reliable for me !...

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    So if the support is not reliable why stay with such a host?

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    You get great prices, so you have to expect less than stellar support.

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