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    I have been looking for a cma for a game development community, and i have been trying come on my computer and have choosen a couple I like. Openstar/phpnuke and e107. I have a couple questions before I choose one.

    I like openstar/phpnuke because there a lot of features, but I have read the it is really insecure.

    1. Which one is better in your opinion?
    2. Can ether one be configured to use gmail as the smtp server? ( it will be hosted on a free host that does not have smtp)
    3. Which one is more secure?
    4. Which one is easier/more customizable? ( I want to creat my own layout/theme for it)
    5. which one performes better?

    I tried; drupal, xoops, joomla. I know of another cms post it to and i will see if i like it.

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    I would suggest to get e107 out of your mind, it may look pretty and there are lots of skin and mods for it, but it's a real killer of RAM. Just having 10 people online at the same time could easilly use 100% of 512MB of RAM.

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    I've never had any problems with e107. I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a cms. Mambo seems pretty popular too but I've never tried it.

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    I would suggest e107 and joomla.
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