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    Thumbs down Credit Card Fraud by

    In April 2002 I paid a 3 month subscription to for a domain name and web hosting service via credit card. is a part of the UnifiedNames, Inc.

    Their support was non-existant. No phone numbers, and they answered email when they "felt like it". Still, I got the website up and running only to have the server go down for 4-8 hrs at a time 3-4 times in one week. That was the last straw. I obtained a new host, transferred all my files and cancelled my subscription. I wrote to them by every method possible--including support tickets. NO RESPONSE.

    6 weeks after the cancellation hit my credit card for another quarter of billing. I disputed it and wrote them again. The bank had just adjusted the August charge when 5 days later I was hit with yet ANOTHER CHARGE by

    THESE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF CONTROL. In April, when the charge was valid, they did not have "automatic billing". I NEVER AUTHORIZED AUTOMATIC BILLING. I authorized a one time charge.

    THESE PEOPLE ARE STEALING NOW, AND WILL NOT STOP. The bank says they can't stop an "automatic payment"--not even one that was initiated by the seller, and not the account holder.

    BUYERS BEWARE!! Stay away from these people. Don't get burned or go through these hassles. They advertise "Satisfaction Guaranteed". I'd settle for them to stop charging my credit card. is an East Coast based Internet Company, we are wholly owned by UnifiedNames,Inc. with the following sites:

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    • block any future charges from RegisterFly
    • do a chargebacks for all unauthorised payments (transfer out all your domain from them FIRST!!!)
    • block the card entirely, if there will be need for this
    Respect My Authoritah! - Eric Cartman (a friend of mine).

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