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    Middle Atlantic and Dell Racks

    Anyone familiar with the Dell Racks...are they made by APC ?
    Thoughts on design, etc.
    We get STEEP discounts with our new Dell order.

    Another brand I've been looking at lately is Middle Atlantic. I've seen their AV cabs which are similar.....seems like a good line as well.

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    Unless they have changed in the last year Dell cabinets are made by Rittal. Rittal also made Compaq and HP even before they merged. I dont know whether they still do.

    If you are looking at 4 post racks look at They have a lot of accessories available.
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    Pricepoint in not an issue but I don't need something tricked out....
    2 Racks - 25U heightwise. It's going into a interior design firm - non closet - more copier room as well. The ++ side is seperate thermostat in that room.

    However, I need something as *aesthetically* pleasing as well. Clean straight black lines, prefereabley straight black peforated grille, etc. ID everything is all about looks ! All the handles on their doors are $$, if ya guys know what I mean.

    I have not seem the MA peforate doors but I think theirs should fit the bill or the APC as well. Dunno about the Dells since their door is silverish.

    Yes....aesthetics is an issue at play here.
    It does need to have side panels and a perforated door. Dunno if I will gang the 2 toghether since it's easier pushing out one cab then 2 when it needs service.

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    Keep in mind air flow behind them as well as noise. Thats going to be one loud copying room.

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    I have experience with both cabinets. Dell is nicely priced cabinet, but not flexible at all. It is designed for Dell equipment mostly. If you are installing different kinds of manufacturers equipment, you should consider a more flexible cabinet.

    Middle Atlantic is our top brand cabinet. Every order arrives flawless. These guys know how to make an excellent cabinet. They have tons of options and are pioneers in their field. You will pay quite a bit more for the cabinet, though they are worth it.

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