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    About to start on webhosting

    Glad to be aboard here, this seems like the best site to get the straight scoop on webhosting.

    I am trying to choose a basic web hosting service. I have spent some time looking at the web, including this site.

    My take on what I see is something like this:

    Steadfast is highly praised here and in other places. They have unlimited domains for $5/mo, only 200Mb of disk, but more than I need.

    HostGator and Lunarpages seem to have a very good reputation, although I know that Hostgator is having some problems at the moment. Hostgator hatchling is only one domain for $7/mo, hostgator baby is unlimited domains for $10/mo, lunar is two domains for $7/mo.

    Dot5hosting and iPowerweb seem to have a mixed reputation.

    Infinology and Ipower seem to have a bad reputation.

    About me: My needs are modest, just reliable webhosting and email. I am using a total of 15 Meg of storage, between the various sites that I have. I only have one domain name today, but I expect that to increase to two or perhaps three. I am doing simple HTML, (finally adding CSS) and I am sure that my traffic is very low, although I have not measured it. I have no interest in forums, databases, PERL, PHP (isnít that a drug?), e-commerce, etc. Email is important to me. I donít want to spend much money; I am now spending $6/mo. Up til now, I have been hosting my modest site with They gave me up to 6 subdomain type sites, with addresses like I forwarded my domain name,, to one of the subdomains, and my email to an email account. I used the other subdomain sites mostly for personal use. Unfortunately, I am now having email problems related to email forwarding, although I have kluged together a workaround for now. I have been with at&t for many years, originally on dialup, but I think that it is time to go. When I got qwest DSL, I kept at&t for email, websites, and newsgroups.

    At the moment, I am leaning to Steadfast Networks, their Basic Plan. They offer only 200MB of disk space, but that is much more than I need. They offer unlimited domains, unlike most budget plans. The price is right, $5/mo.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Richard Ferguson
    fergusonsculpture dot com

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    steadfast seems to be replacing our old fav, site5.... until a little while ago I'd never heard of them before. I'm sure if you do a search on the forum, you will find info...

    welcome to wht... you have found a nice place to hang out... nice set of people here....

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