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    OChosting Troubles

    At 6am this moring I paid for the next 30 days for service from OChosting, and one hour later my site ( and email go down.

    It is now 2:42pm, and my site ( has been down for almost 8 hours. I contact support via chat, and was told that I should have received an email saying they are moving the servers that my site is on, i never received that email. They then said that I will be contacted (I'm not sure how, though) about the new servers soon.

    Meanwhile... I find it strange that if you go to (you get OChosting), but if you go to (you get ***** starts with C ends in host)

    I am really considering going with a new host, and taking a loss with the payment I made today. If you have any recomendations on a host that has RealVideo/Audio, 800MB+ Space, 10GB+ Transfer, I would be very thankful.

    PS: I hope my site starts working soon:-(

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    As most of you know here we used to resell for CI--Host, and as many others found out their service wasnít the greatest. We finally got to the point where we decided to move to our own NOC. Over the last 8 months we have been slowly moving clients off the old servers their. Unfortunately since they have their own custom control panel (a stolen/modified version of CPanel v1) it made it difficult. Nick from DarkORB wrote a conversion script that would move CI--Host domains over to a CPanel machine and that helped us move these domains a lot faster. Today CI--Host has shut down our last couple servers their and pointed our domain name to their website. They have been telling our customers that we have gone out of business and to go to The reason for our domain still being on their (our personal name server) name servers is our own fault yes. Just last night i noticed this and started the switch when they where threatening to shut down our servers. Unfortunately it wasnít fast enough. CI--Host has stooped to an all time low and well we are very un happy with them. They called me; yes me, asking if I was a OC Hosting customer. I played stupid and the guy told me that went out of business and that they could use their service "A more reliable, stable service". We know that customers arenít too happy and we are hopeing that the existing customers on our old CI--Host servers want to give us another chance. Any of you can call in to our sales department and get a new account on a new server right now. We will do our best to help switch your domain over and point it to the new server. Again we are sorry for this whole ordeal. Once CI--Host found out about our NOC down here they decided they would charge us a ridicules amount of money.

    CI--Host has been known to screw their customers and I have known that since i started with Lance here and well we are just another screwed customer of theirs.

    Existing Customers If you need to contact us please call this number. 1-888-909-HOST

    Do not email us until our domain name is pointed back to our site. I'm assuming they set a catch all and are probably stealing our emails also.

    Please guys dont start a flame war. I dont have the energy or the time to do this right now.

    Our deepest apologies.


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    You might want to know that they stopped redirecting your website to their site: IN A

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    *** Update *** Clients who have had CI--Host call them please call us and let us know. We need this information. Thanks.

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    To Shaun Murphy/OChosting,

    I would like to get a refund or a stop, on the payment I made this morning on my webhosting service.

    Please update me.


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    Please call into our sales department. 1-888-909-HOST. They should be able to take care of this. I really hope we dont loose your business.



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    Maybe you should give them a chance its not easy moving from one provider to the next and its un lucky that you got caught in the middle of the transfer...

    Maybe a benefit of the doubt would prove beneficial for you in the future with these hosts.

    Kind regards
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    Shaun, Id just like to wish you all the best getting this sorted out. Its scum bags like CI--Host that really make me sick.

    A Plee to OC hosting customers, stay with them. It obveously isnt their fault - its the scrotbags a CI.

    and, before anyone spots an chance to flame me, I have no assosiation with OC Hosting what so ever.

    back from the dead

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    I have hosted with OC in the past and have found them to be very good when it comes to customer service. It's not their fault their provider cut them off because they wanted to put some pressure on OC for the wrong reasons. I would at least give them a chance to really proove themselves...

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    To Shaun Murphy/OChosting,

    I would like to get a refund or a stop, on the payment I made yesterday morning via online check.

    My site and email are both still down.

    I know it's not your fault that this happened, but I just don't feel comfortable with the current situation. Please answer yes or no, whether you will give me a refund or a stop on payment.

    I am unable to make any timely calls right now, so please work with me online.

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    Wow, I'm impressed. Usually when I have to post on these forums it's a huge flame war. It is our fault in a way. We could have put more resources into this move to make it quicker. I thank you all for understanding this situation and I do hope our customers on those servers give us another chance.

    filmwave, I have sent you a email regarding this situation. You need to contact our sales/billing department. Their's nothing i can do except set you up on a new account on a server at our San Clemente NOC.

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    Hi Joe (Filmwave),

    I tried to contact you by phone, but received no answer.

    I also cannot find a valid e-mail address to send you a reply.

    Please contact me as soon as you can.
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    I too had a site hosted with OC. After five or six hours of not hearing back from anyone there, I bit the bullet and opened an account with ***** since I knew that they had all my data and could theoretically have me up and running again quickly. Its been almost 24 hours and they have yet to restore my site.

    My question to OC is this: If I cancel with ***** and go back to OC, is there any way you guys could restore my data, or has CI appropriated all traces of it? Naturally I have the guts of my site backed-up locally, but I also had some 200 megs of misc files up there that would be a pain to hunt down and re-upload.

    I suppose if CI hasn't got me restored by this evening I'll probably end up back with OC anyhow.

    I wish that when you sent out those e-mails about moving to the newer servers you hadn't made it sound so optional. I figured I'd just hang out on the old box and end up having it mostly to myself . . .

    - Brian Prince

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    This would be my recommendation. Wait for CI--Host to put up your files, download them and then either come back with us, or if you donít feel comfortable sign up with another host. We will be happy to set you back up on a server here. To my surprise a lot of our customers are doing this and giving us another chance.

    The reason for the email sounding so optional at the time was because we didnít think cióhost was going to do this to us. At the time we figured weíd move the people over who wanted to first and deal with the people who couldnít or didnít want to later. Every time a client from a cióhost server would call in we would recommend the move. We moved a lot of customers this way and most of the time we moved the files for the customers. The last couple days have scattered my brain. So if Iím not making sense or just donít seam to be giving good info Iím sorry.

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    Well, I already canned my CI account and changed my DNS settings back to you guys . . . I guess I should be ready to go as soon as the change propagates out (I've already been assigned an IP on a new server, it seems). We'll see if CI gives me my money back.

    Initially I thought maybe OC was the shady company, but after digging a little bit on CI . . . bleh. Plus I can't find anybody that will match what you guys have been giving me for $20/month.

    You've got my business for now.

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