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    Need Dedicated Server Windows 2003

    Hello Experts !

    I'm a student and would like to rent a dedicated server with Windows 2003 as O/S for reasearch purposes.

    - my initial budget is around US$ 100 monthly.
    - need to access the server with remote console.
    - need to learn and install these software: IIS 6.0, VS.NET 2005, Oracle as database, Apache, and JDeveloper.
    - send software via FTP and as Nero image, so I could install it much easier

    My goal is to develop web applications and host them in the dedicated server, so I can show them to my future clients.

    Is there any company that you could recommend me to check?

    Thank you!

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    I think,100 $ is cheap. Started at 129$ in my company for Dedicated and i think you can buy a VPS with this cost. I can help you but can't write company name and msn. it could be an advertisement.


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    Just out of curiosity, why you will load VS.NET 2.005, oracle , JDeveloper... to have these programs to run on server, you will need to increase your budget to 4 times to get good deal on that. Are you going to do development on the server itself?
    - Akash Kava
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    Actually, I'm not going to develop on that server.
    I will develop on my laptop, but I need to publish my web projects (ASP.NET or JSP) that connect to an Oracle database.
    Maybe other way would be to rent a server with Linux O/S and install on it VMware, so then I can install Windows 2003 on VMware platform.

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    yes but for that you do not need to install visual studio on the server right? do you have oracle licenses? or you expect license to come within your budget?
    - Akash Kava
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    Web Atoms JS

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