Hi! I own a website that is similar in idea of a portal for a city - http://www.ReginaWebsites.com.

I have a page that shows the movie times at local theatres for the current week. It is located here: http://reginawebsites.com/rws1/local_movies.php

Every Thursday, I update the HTML manually sometime during the day once the respectives theatres provide me with the information. Then, between 10pm and midnight, I have to upload the updated page to the website.

Is there any way I can automate the upload process at all so I don't have to constantly make myself available every Thursday evening at the late hours? Is there a way I can automate the upload at a specific time? Or, can I upload the updated file to a different location, and then at a pre-programmed time have the server dump the current file and bring in the updated file?

Any suggestions? I appreciate any help and insight.