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    Arrow Cpanel Clients for Sale

    I am getting out of the hosting business and would like to sell my clients. They have all been low maintenance and loyal. A couple have multiple different paying accounts.

    Here is the info. Please ask if you have any questions.

    Client	        Signup Date	Renew Date   Billing Cycle	Rate	      Plan
    Client 1	2/24/2004	11/24/2006	Semi	       $107.73	   500MB/10GB
    Client 1	12/7/2005	12/7/2006	 Annual	       $107.52	   500MB/10GB
    Client 1	4/14/2005	5/14/2007	 Annual	       $107.52	   500MB/10GB
    Client 2	4/17/2004	10/17/2006	Monthly	      $16.21	  2GB/70GB
    Client 2	4/30/2004	4/30/2008	 2 year	        $383.04	   1GB/35GB
    Client 3	9/11/2004	10/11/2006	monthly	     $9.95	   500MB/10GB
    Client 4	11/16/2004	9/16/2007	Annual 	      $143.40	  500MB/10GB
    Client 5	6/16/2005	10/16/2006	Monthly	      $9.95	   500MB/10GB
    Client 6	12/3/2005	12/3/2006	 Annual	       $107.52	   500MB/10GB
    Client 7	2/3/2006	  2/3/2007	   Annual	$107.52	     500MB/10GB

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    What is your asked price for them?

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    Are you selling a hosting website as well?
    How do you bill your clients?
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    Quote Originally Posted by herrfreebie
    What is your asked price for them?

    I don't have a price in mind. I am looking for the best offer. I would like them to end up at a quailty host, though, so I may not take the highest offer. Best is not only based on money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jondolar
    Are you selling a hosting website as well?
    How do you bill your clients?
    No, the website is not for sale. I would like to reuse the domain for a new venture in the future.

    Clients 4 and 6 are by check. The rest are autobilled via credit card.

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    I am interested. Can you please PM me the name of the company as well as the method in which customers are billed.


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    I offer 100$

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    Current high offer is $400.

    Accounts currently use about 6GB of disk space total and used a total of 43GB of bandwidth last month. That is pretty consistent every month.

    I made a mistake on the original post. Client 1's first account is actually a 5GB/35GB account.
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    You have 7 clients. How many sites hosted between them?

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    Offer $450 USD with details to be confirmed by telephone, if successful bid of course. - for all your Hosting needs
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    ServerAdmin Services also available

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    What are you looking for as far as the clients go?

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    As you are keeping the server domain, will the clients have to update their nameservers?

    Or do they have their domains registered through you as well?


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    I'll offer $500 after a few details are confirmed VIA AIM or MSN - please let me know! - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Current High Bid is $700

    All PM's replied to. I will not be able to be on IM, until Sunday, so those of you wanting me to contact you that way will have to wait until then.

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    I bid for $1000 ,but need some more details..

    How many domains hosted by your clients ?
    How long you are in this business ?
    What was the nett profit you made last year ?

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    I'm willing to go as high as $1000 but of course, I would like a few details as well. Amongst other questions:

    Are these clients able to be moved. Do they know that they are being sold at this point? Where are these clients geographically?

    Unfortunately, I'm new to the boards here so I can't PM you. lease e-mail me at jschwarberg at dot com

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    Current high bid is $1000.

    I will continue taking offers until 6:00PM CST Tuesday.

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    You have 7 clients. How many sites hosted between them?

    Please PM me or post all the information you have on your clients.
    Please PM me the answers to what other people have already asked as I am interested in the same things they are.

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