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    Max simultaneous database connections?

    My previous host limited my max simultaneous database connections to 25. I often reached that. My new host limits it to 50.

    What exactly does that mean considering my website is a discussion forum?

    Does that mean that not more than 50 people can post at the same time?
    Does that mean that not more than 50 people can do a search at the same time?

    Can someone give me a clear explanation on this?

    many thanks!

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    A database connection begins and ends very quickly, usually in the time it takes the page to load. If your host is slow or too oversold, then database queries will take longer to execute and you will need more of them.

    You should be more concerned with finding a host that limits overselling and has fast servers than with the number of database connections.

    That said, 100 simultaneous connections should be fine with a good server.
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    A connection to the database is made everytime a page loads. So when someone opens a thread, everything is read out of the database. WHen something is posted, its written, then re-read to view the thread. You get the point.

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