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    187 - DEFCON 1 - any experiences?

    Has anyone used with their DEFCON 1 support? It is a $100/month support level where they take care of everything (supposedly you don't even login).

    I am at least a month behind and have just had a ton of work tossed into my lap. I have used rackspace (yes, recently) and that is not an option. It's not the price. The problem is that my customers demand cpanel. So rackspace is not an option

    Info on the network would be helpful too but mostly I am wondering about the DEFCON 1 support.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    While I don't recommend DC do management (it's not true management, it's them updating things, usually on request), I can say that FS has an incredibly technical team behind them. You won't get the level of support from (most) others that you would from FS.

    I've used FS for various servers in the past and their support team has been outstanding, and incredibly knowledgable. They've fixed (almost) every incident that I brought to them, and the ONE that they didn't fix was kernel based and would have taken hours to fix. In the end they ended up not supporting 2.6 at the time (2 or so years ago).

    That said:
    After looking at their defcon page, there are a few things that do pop up as warnings.

    Firstly, you're only allotted 5 hours a month of admin service. That's fine, IF you think 5 is going to be enough. however, if not, well, there's a catch;

    NO root/administrator access to server.
    They take root/admin permissions away, meaning you can't solve the problem (or hire someone to do so) if they can't.
    Now , there's obviously reasons for that, they don't want individuals screwing things up, BUT it's still not a good thing, especially with this:

    Monthly Server OS-Based Errata Updates (automatic)
    So, let's say that your server updates, say, php, and in the process all of your arrays are horked. Well, you've used up all your 5 hours. SOOOOO, you have two choices here
    A> pay them $100/hr (1/2 hour minimum IIRC) to fix the problem
    B> deal with the horked arrays until your next billing cycle.

    Now, the odds of that happening are slim, but NOT that slim. I've seen php/mysql updates screw up client code, I've seen simple OS updates do the same, so it's undoubtably possible.

    In addition, FS uses ICMP to monitor ports, which means that you need to leave ICMP enabled, which is a big no-no. The better approach is using TCP/UDP to do this, and verifying data on the port, NOT just simply using ICMP to check if the port is alive.

    If you're looking @ paying $100/month for server management/defcon from FS, you're better off going with defcon 5 (no management), and hiring an admin to do this for you, ESPECIALLY since a (competent) admin will keep a close eye on your server, what it's sending out, etc, and make sure that things are kosher constantly. That's a bit hard to do on a DC level, when you have to worry about thousands of other clients and get servers setup.

    I'm not saying FS is a "bad" DC, because they aren't. I've had a server with them for 3 years now, and will keep it up until I no longer need it. The service is great, the network is great, and they DO go the extra mile for their clients constantly. I'm just saying that for the "management" setup, you're better off looking elsewhere

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    Actually I need two more machines (at least).
    I was thinking of going with softlayer and outside managment/security.

    But, I also want to try fastservers full management/security. Dealing with multiple people always takes longer.

    I still haven't solved the rbl issue at liquid that I discussed with you the other day. I just got a months work tossed in my lap that needs to be done immediately and i am already a month behind.

    I have over 30 more domains in my inbox to set up. Also, I bought 6 VPSs from different providers, a few months back. The ones that are left (4 of them) are full and some are not working out that well; so that means more domains to move. I also have an old lingering servermatrix machine i need to dump (it's probably got 50 domains). So I need at least one more managed dedicated ... maybe two.

    I need a 'rackspace' type service (but, as you know, they don't offer cpanel ;-)

    I am ready to pull the trigger on a +defcon 1
    a softlayer unmanaged ... but don't know which one yet ,,,, and basically I have no time to decide :-(

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    Linux Tech: Thanks for your insightful response. I am wondering if you or anyone here is familiar with an affordable and reliable company with a good reputation for server management.

    Please suggest.

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    Platinum Server Management

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    I use (among others) and they are good but they are tickets only. I don't mind tickets, but sometimes you get some good advice when you are talking to someone.

    One of the advantages I like about is you can actually call and ask questions. Sometimes tickets can be onnerous if you have if/then type questions. A two minute phone call can save a lot of time. A bit more expensive but it is peanuts when you need the help.

    You won't go wrong with either company.

    PS - I ended up grabbing a server with the defcon 1 support (from fastservers). So far so good ... but it has only been a few weeks, so, I can't say for sure yet. I am on the verge of pulling the trigger on a softlayer with outside management.
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    Thanks keepr for mentioning platinumservermanagement. I have just contacted them. Unfortunately, they do not support Plesk control panel. For now, I need a company that supports Plesk for Windows.

    Oshawa: Thanks for your contribution. From the name, like a company dedicated to serving Linux base servers. I will visit the website to see.

    Does anyone here know another reliable server management company?

  8. #8 does server management as well. I have one server that they manage- exceptional service and very knowledgable.

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