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    Looking for comments on turnkey e-commerce store solutions

    Hi Everyone,

    I am considering offering turnkey e-commerce stores using stock templates and accepting PayPal and I am considering starting at $9.95 per month for a store that you can sell 25 items or less. And $24.95 per month for up to 5,000 items. This solution would basically be setup for someone to sign up and the cart will be automatically configured and the user can input their domain name choose a color/style and cc number. They of course will have to deal with PayPal and themselves. I have an provider in mind to use. They have like a 99% approval rate. Shared SSL will be used. If the user wants their own SSL I will have an option to buy for this.

    I have resisted selling domain names as I don't like the idea of providing hosting and domain names to the same customers. I have been telling my customers for years to never do this. But I think it may be the right thing to do for this solution.

    I am asking for comments and suggestions from everyone regarding my pricing structure and features. Any help is appreciated!

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    I would only add that it might be a good idea to offer another package where you offer to help with paypal and Many people who will come to you, I believe, would love to have the "total package" provided to them with ease.

    Of course, I understand they will have to do some work. Besides, a merchant account and paypal require information only they can (or should) provide. Although, some people will give a stranger the "keys to the kingdom" without much thought.
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