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    membership management

    Hello fellow web designers.... I have a question:
    we are constructing a website for a client who will be selling memberships. Each membership package will alloww access to certain files and reports, depending on the package purchased. These will be digitally downloaded. We will also have 3 related forums that we would like integration with. A shopping cart will be integrated in the near future.

    I have narrowed down our choices for the software to Omni-Secure and OpenCrypt. They both seem to do about the same thing. Has anyone had any experience with either, or offer suggestions on an alternate. Our budget is up to$350.00 for the software. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. We really want the most we can get for the money

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    this kind of project, better go for outsourcing. visit 'rent a coder' website.
    ur budget will be enough there.

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    I went with the above... I tend to like their software and license agreements. Plus, they have been around for a long time... with stable upgrades and releases.
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