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    mounting problem when adding a second disk which is not empty


    I have a server which is running centos, now I need to add a second harddisk to this server. On this harddisk there are already some linux partition with data.

    The target is, that I delete this data on this new disk, but unfortuantely when I boot the server, linux tries to mount the partitions on both disks. Unfortunately they have the same name (for example /, /home and /boot) and the server is not starting.

    How can I see the data on the second disk and then delete the data? Unfortunately I can not boot with the second disk and I can not take out the first disk, because the timeframe for the down time is very short.

    Booting with a livecd is not possible.


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    can you boot into single user mode? that might be before the system starts mounting all

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    What does your fstab look like?
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    sehe, how can I boot into the single user mode?

    ringnebula, the fstab has not entries for the second disk, but still it tries to mount them during the boot process.

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    you would need to add "S" to your kernel parameters

    do you use LABEL in your fstab?

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    You need to check the partions of the secound drive by runing :

    fdisk -l

    now you can create the new mount points like /mnt/home and then try to mound the partion that used to be /home to the /mnt/home

    mount /dev/hdb2 /mnt/home

    I assume the hdb2 was ur old /home in the scond drive.
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