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    Question Please Recommend - Specifics Included

    Greetings all,

    I've been sifting through all the forums here and elsewhere for the last... sigh...three hours, and still don't have a solid feel for a choice of Registrar. Can y'all give me your input?

    I'm currently with, have been with them for about 10 years. Their customer service is frustrating and their prices are, clearly, way above others. So I'm ready for a change.

    I currently manage about 40 domain names. They are all my own sites, I don't buy/sell sites regularly (only once every few years). So once I transfer, I want to stick with that Registrar for awhile.

    My needs:
    * Reasonable price per domain per year ($10-$15 or less)
    * Excellent security for domains (I'm very concerned with domain names being stolen--there's some scary stories out there)
    * Privacy for personal information
    * Good customer service
    * Ability to manage all domains within one interface
    * Preferably change contact info etc.., for all domains simultaneously (not required, but a plus).
    * I only work with .com domains, so I don't need any other TLDs
    * I don't buy/sell or resell, so I don't need any services for that.

    I've been looking at dotster and namecheap so far. I've heard many scary things about enom, godaddy and registerfly. Any thoughts? Other suggestions?



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    I don't think you will ever find a perfect registrar/registrar reseller. They all have pros, cons, good times and bad times.

    Most people give high ratings to eNom and GoDaddy.

    I just signed up for WHT-only reseller account at (email [email protected] to request one) and they charge $6.95 per domain (no WHOIS privacy though).

    I also have domains at 1and1. Cheap (5.99) which includes free privacy and free auto-renewal. Review this option only if you do not plan on reselling your domains as 1and1's "control panel" sucks big time.


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    I went with and I LOVE them.
    They work through enom, and its very, very easy to manage your domains.

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    I've gotten great offers at GoDaddy for as low as $5.99 a year. Standard price is $8.99/yr.

    GD is very good with support as well and they respond back to e-mails almost instantly. You can count on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam44
    You can count on them.
    Actually, the only thing you can count on, speaking about GoDaddy, is to lock your domain(s) for spam/phishing (this usually happens w/o investigation on their part and could be utterly false) and then demand retribution for transferring away.

    You better search this forum and read their TOS, before making any decisions about using them.

    My personal choices are:

    - (for my personal domains)
    - (for my customers)
    - (have used 3 times and am extremely happy)

    Also I have read alot of excellent things about although never used them...

    Stay FAR FAR away from RegisterFly, GoDaddy, Yahoo, 1and1, ******, iPowerWeb and the likes.

    Good luck.
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    Cheap with reasonable features:

    Pricey but with great security and customer support:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Zan
    Pricey but with great security and customer support ...
    Even pricier ($95 activation, $10+ per name year), but as a Tucows/OpenSRS reseller, you'll have a) way more control than getting a retailer account with a registrar like GoDaddy (not to say other resellers) AND b) the closest sense of sitting next to an ICANN-registrar (secured and not powerless), more so than being an eNom reseller.
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    I think for your concerns of security and service, Moniker would be your best option, although I would personally recommend NameCheap.
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    Thanks everyone for all the comments! I really appreciate it.

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