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    * [PACKAGE] Domain and logo - unique packs!

    [PACKAGE] Domain and logo - unique packs!

    Domain: (1 year)
    Logo: (Colour can be changed)

    This domain would be perfect for the Chef & Kitchen News/Articles or Design news. Plus comes with unique custom logo, made by Designgraphy - worth $200. No need to waste your money to hire logo designer for NewsKitchen's logo. You will receive the logokits incl .ai, .gif and full resell rights.

    Creation Date: 03-Feb-2006
    Expiration Date: 03-Feb-2007
    Free (Push) Domain Transfer (incl free protectfly whois)

    Price: PM me any offer!

    Registrar: Registerfly
    Payment: PayPal

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    If you're accepting bids, that makes this an auction. If you have a price in mind, it would be helpful to post it. If it is an auction, there is some information that needs to be posted, and offers/bids must be made publicly.
    Is this an auction?

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